A place to stay in Girona’s historical heart

Located inside the original Roman city, Alemanys 5 is a unique property whose main building dates from the sixteenth century. Its restoration integrates old and new, with sober, clean lines that celebrate essential elements such as space, light, shade, fire, stone, water, nature and silence.

A small and charming city away from the crowds but close to pristine beaches, magnificent forests and unspoiled nature spots, Girona is an ideal choice for family vacations, romantic getaways, good food lovers, culture connoisseurs or high-performance cyclists.

The Alemanys 5 house can be rented as a single large home (5 bedrooms, 10 guests), but it can also be divided into two independent apartments: El Badiu (3 bedrooms, 6 guests) and El Jardí (2 bedrooms, 4 guests).